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About the Treasury4Good Awards

Once considered ‘soft’ topics, CSR, ESG and D&I are now seen as vital strategic tools for business growth and success. What’s more, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders are increasingly looking for banks and corporates to generate a positive social impact, whilst improving financial performance and working towards a more sustainable business model – in every sense of the word.

Creating a diverse workplace and embracing ethical practices are also critical for organisations looking to stand out from the crowd in a market where reputation is everything.

As the gatekeepers of company cash, corporate treasury professionals, together with the providers of treasury services, have a vital role to play in supporting CSR, ESG and D&I initiatives. Together with driving bottom line improvements, global corporates and banks are now expected to be responsible role models – addressing local and international challenges by using their financial reach to improve lives, society, business, and the environment.

Awards Categories

Banks and Vendors Corporate Awards
Best Global Bank for CSR/ESG Top Treasury CSR/ESG Award 
Best Global Bank for Diversity & Inclusion Best Treasury Diversity & Inclusion Drive
Best CSR/ESG/D&I Innovation Best Sustainable Finance Project
Best CSR/ESG Technology Solution Best Ethical Investment Initiative
Best Employee Engagement Initiative Most Sustainable/Ethical Supply Chain Initiative
Best Community Engagement Project Best CSR/ESG Technology Solution
Best CSR/ESG/D&I Thought Leadership Campaign Clean and Green Treasury Award
Best Green Cash & Liquidity Solution Outstanding Treasury4Good Leader (personal award)
Best CSR/ESG Technology Solution  
Green Solution Innovation  
Outstanding Treasury4Good Leader (personal award)


Corporate Awards

Top Treasury CSR/ESG Award 

For this Award, the judges will be looking for a treasury team that has truly gone over and above to embed CSR into treasury processes. We’re looking for a treasury team that lives and breathes CSR and is always looking for new ways to support their organisation’s CSR goals.

Best Treasury Diversity & Inclusion Drive

Does your treasury team have a great mix of demographics? Have you gone out of your way to be more inclusive in your hiring? Are you championing LGBT+ initiatives in the workplace? This award recognises those treasury teams actively supporting diversity and inclusion – in every sense.

Best Sustainable Finance Project

From green bonds to positive impact loans and green RCFs, this Award is for those corporates using sustainable finance to make a difference to their organisation and the world around them.

Best Ethical Investment Initiative

Ethical investing isn’t just for the retail space. Corporates are now increasingly aware of where they park their cash and for this Award we’re looking to hear from treasury pioneers who are championing ethical investments. 

Most Sustainable/Ethical Supply Chain Initiative

Whether it’s supporting your smaller suppliers through SCF or implementing supplier selection processes that are linked to ethical and sustainable criteria, this Award recognises initiatives designed to raise awareness of CSR in supply chains.

Best CSR/ESG Technology Solution

Have you taken your treasury paperless by embracing digital solutions? Or cut down on the department’s electricity consumption by using cloud computing instead of on-premise technology? Or perhaps you’ve introduced a portal to track CSR metrics and help with non-financial reporting? Whichever route you’ve chosen, this Award recognises treasury’s efforts to leverage technology as a CSR tool.

Clean and Green Treasury Award

Does your treasury team make an extra effort to be clean and green? Perhaps you’ve run teambuilding activities designed to help the environment – like tree planting or litter picking? Then this Award could have your name on it.

Outstanding Treasury4Good Leader (personal award)

Is there someone in your treasury team who is a true CSR champion? Or someone in another company’s treasury who you’d like to nominate? This personal award recognises the efforts of those people who go the extra mile when it comes to CSR.


Judging Panel

All entries will be individually assessed by TMI’s experienced Editorial Board – with a helping hand from Robin Page, CEO, and Eleanor Hill, Editor. The judges will pick winners and highly commended organisations for each Award category in which we receive suitable nominations.